Why Canada is Best Study Destination for Indian Students?

Why Canada is Best Study Destination for Indian Students?

Every Indian student has a dream. To go abroad and study their favorite subject. The reason? Well, there’s no particular reason that strokes the desire but a variety of reasons. And when an ambitious student has the idea to study abroad, there’s no one to stop him. Only one question remains. Where to go?

Canada has been among the top places where students want to go for higher study along with the US, UK and Australia. The main reasons the students wish to study in Canada instead of study in the UK are their welcoming economic immigration gateway and the express entry system.

Top reasons why Indian students want to study in Canada:

Low-cost education and living

Canada is one of the countries with an excellent quality of life and job opportunities. And the best part is such policies also include immigrants and international students looking for a suitable career and superior life.

Canada also offers world-class education within budget as compared to other abroad destinations. It’s one of the main reasons why students from India want to visit Canada to study.

  Education standard in high

The education system in Canada is a high standard. This is because of the exceptional importance given to education by each citizen in the country. As a result, companies around the globe seek graduates from a Canadian university.

Canada also features some of the world-class research institutes and universities. No wonder many students from India want to study in Canada universities.

Post Study Work Permit

The primary goal of Indian students studying abroad is to get a job while considering. Canada, with its placid immigration and work visa policies, helps International students with job opportunities. Such opportunities aren’t available in any other country.

Students who acquired a master’s degree from a Canadian university can apply for a post-study work permit for up to 3 years. Policies such as Study Direct Stream(SDC) and Post Graduate Work Permit Program(PGWPP) have helped India Students with getting jobs in Canada. That’s why an influx of Indian students in Canada was registered.

Safe and secure environment

Canada provides security. Be it financial, social, legal, protection is sought by everybody. Indian students studying in Canada also become a part of this security when they live in the host city. This social, as well as financial security, is one of the main reasons Indian students apply to study in Canada.

Study Consultant for Canada

Apart from that, Canada also records one of the lowest crime rates in the whole world, which makes Canada more appealing for Indian students.

Practical Learning

Canadian universities offer practical learning along with theoretical learning, including on-job training and internships. It develops well-rounded knowledge among students.

Multi-Cultural Diversity

Canada being an international education hub is home for students from every part of the world. So Indian students can experience a multi-cultural diversity in the campus as well as outside the university.

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