How to apply for masters in Canada from India?

How to apply for masters in Canada from India?

Canada is the dream place to study for an Indian student. Canada offers one of the high-quality education at an affordable fee structure.

The country is peace-loving, educated, and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Before you have the study permits, you have to apply to a Canadian university.


One of the visa options for Canada is the Student Direct Stream(SDS). If you are living in India, your study permit is prioritized. A study permit in Canada would take at least 5-6 weeks to approve.

But with the new Study Permit Stream, Canada wants to cut down further the time required.

For an Indian student applying for the Study Permit Stream, should keep in mind some essential things.

Here’s a list of things you should remember before applying for SDS:

  • You have to show the application letter of the university to prove that you are accepted in a university.
  • You have to show a medical inspection report, done through a Canadian panel listed physician.
  • You have to include a guarantee investment certificate.
  • Include proof of payment made to the university applied.
  • Include a language test certificate. (IELTS with a six score or NCLC)

Application Process

There is a three-component of the application process.

  1. Immigration Forms

The immigration form IMM1294 and IMM5707 are the critical forms you have to submit. And make sure every piece of information you give are authentic and do not skip any content; it can affect your application negatively.

  1. Valid ID

You need to have a proper ID to study in Canada. And you need to bring a correct form of ID for your study permit application, along with a passport.

As an international student, you have to apply for biometrics also. And the cost of the biometrics is around 5000 rupees. So make sure to have it when applying for a student permit.

  1. Medical Examination Report.

If you are going to study in Canada for over six months, you need to do a complete medical checkup. A registered doctor should do these checkups belong to the panel of a physician in Canada. Apart from the simple examination, you need to have an x-ray taken, and a urine test must be done.

When to apply for Study in Canada

The application process starts in Canada from January to April. Also, do your research on the time, because some of the universities have different application time and you certainly do not want to hand in a late application.

Work When Studying in Canada

Yes, you can work in Canada as an international student. But most universities only allow you to work a set amount of time per week. Some universities explicitly state that students cannot work either on campus or off. But most universities don’t. And you can work part-time somewhere and earn some extra cash as well as Canadian Work Experience.

However, you can also work in a full-time job in Canada after graduation. Canada has several post-graduation visa programs for International students to help them work after graduation.

Applying for studying in Canada is tough. There are different things you have to keep in mind before applying. And to help you with the application process, students should consider contacting a Canada education consultant.

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